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Brian May Says Queen Working On New Music

It sounds like we may be getting new music from Queen some day.

While Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert have been touring together as Queen for years, they have yet to make any new music together, and Brian says that may happen one day. In fact, they’re already working on it 

Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson Recovering From Heart Surgery

Cheap Trick has been out promoting their new album “In Another World,” which dropped Friday and some fans noticed that bassist Tom Petersson was performing sitting down. Well, he’s now explaining, sharing that he recently underwent heart surgery.


Want to keep your brain in tip-top shape to help you juggle your hectic schedule with a clear mind? Functional medicine doctor and “New York Times” best-selling author Mark Hyman credits six habits with keeping his brain sharp. He says, “When your brain is functioning well, you have more energy and life just gets better.”

Surprising Foods That Boost Or Drain Energy

If coffee is your go-to when you feel that afternoon slump kicking in, you may be surprised to know certain foods can be better options. These are the best energy-boosting foods, according to three registered dietitian nutritionists, as well as some foods that may leave you feeling drained.

Cheap Trick Isn’t Ready To Stop Writing Music

As we told you, Kiss' Paul Stanley recently said that the band didn't see the need to make new music, but that's not something you'll hear from the guys in Cheap Trick. The band is set to release their 20th studio album “In Another World” on Friday and frontman Robin Zander doesn’t expect this will be their last. 

How To Spring Clean The Lazy Way

There’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned and better-organized home after some spring cleaning. But if you’d rather keep binge-watching Netflix from the couch, we can help. These are some housekeeping hacks to make spring cleaning a little easier, even when you’re lazy.

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