Aerosmith Dropping Previously Unreleased Rehearsal For Record Store Day

Aerosmith has a special release planned for the next Record Store Day. On November 26th, the band will put out a previously unreleased rehearsal on vinyl and limited edition cassette, “The Road Starts Hear.”

The rehearsal tapes comes from 1971, the year before Aerosmith were discovered and signed with Columbia Records, and two years before they hit it big with their self-titled major label debut. Produced by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Steve Berkowitz, “The Road Starts Hear” was made with Joe’s old reel-to-reel tape machine by Mark Lehman, who owned the infamous van and became the band’s one-man road crew.

“The Road Starts Hear” features early recordings of gems like “Somebody,” “Movin’ Out,” “Walkin’ The Dog,” along with an early version of “Dream On.” We’re getting a preview with “Movin’ Out.” 

Source: UDiscoverMusic

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