Andy Taylor Advocates For Prostate Cancer Screenings

Andy Taylor’s brush with cancer has given him a new outlook on life. The Duran Duran guitarist recently revealed that battling stage-4 metastatic prostate cancer made him decide to get “the most out of life.” “Four years ago,” said Taylor. ”It was very likely that I wouldn’t get through at all… And I just thought, ‘I’m gonna live life.’" Since that commitment, Taylor has produced multiple albums, taken road trips and celebrated a huge 61st birthday. 

Taylor suffered a setback in his treatment last year and was forced to miss the band’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Instead, Taylor passed a letter to the band which they read in his absence. In it, Taylor revealed his cancer diagnosis for the first time.

And now, the guitarist hopes he can inspire other men to get regularly checked for prostate cancer. “I also realized that by talking about it, you know, Duran have quite a large female fan base,” said Taylor. “So it’s like, your partner, your boyfriend, give them a nudge, you know? Go get a test.”

Sources: Ultimate Classic Rock


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