Cher Surprises Fan With Alzheimer’s With Phone Call

Cher just made the day of a truly special fan with just one phone call. Earlier this week, Erica Steiner shared video of Cher calling her mother Robin, who she describes as “Cher’s biggest fan.” 

Robin is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and Erica describes the FaceTime call as the “Best.Moment.Ever.”

“I still can't believe this really happened I'm shaaaaaking," Erica tweeted with the crying emoji. "They had a whole ten minute conversation." 

According to Erica, Robin has been a Cher fan since childhood, and in the clip she’s even wearing a Cher T-shirt. “Cher is basically another caregiver in our house - her presence consistently calms my mom when she's frustrated or sad," Erica says. "Ill definitely never be able top this ... but it makes me want to try.” 


Source: Eric Steiner

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