John Mellencamp Doesn't Hate What Smoking Did To His Voice

John Mellencamp’s voice has certainly changed over the years, and a lot of that could be blamed on his smoking, but he doesn't necessarily hate it. The singer has a new album “Strictly A One-Eyed Jack” dropping Friday and he says you can particularly hear the differences on the song “Gone So Soon.”

“We were laughing,” Mellencamp tells Forbes. “When we were making this record, it was like, ‘John, your voice has changed so much since you started.’ And I said, ‘Well, the cigarettes are starting to pay off.’” He adds, “And I was happy when I heard me sing ‘Gone So Soon,’ that I sounded like Louis Armstrong.”

As for the changes, he notes “it wasn't anything I tried to do. It's just that cigarettes take their f**king toll on your vocal cords. … You can tell by just talking to me that my voice is raspy, and that's all from smoking,” adding, “Nothing that I wanted to do. It never dawned on me that it would happen, but I’m happy that I sound that way.”

Source: Forbes

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