Ringo Starr Celebrates Another “Peace And Love” Birthday Celebration

Ringo Starr’s annual “peace and love” birthday celebration took place yesterday, with the Beatles drummer, who just turned 81, making an appearance in front of his peace-sign statue in the park at the corner of Santa Monica and Canon in Beverly Hills. 

About 20 or so fans were able to catch a glimpse of Ringo as he posed for cameras, alongside wife Barbara Bach and buddies Joe Walsh and Steve Lukather. Usually the celebration is larger, but due to the pandemic Ringo’s location wasn’t announced ahead of time.

“Birthdays are birthdays, you know — you’ve got to live with it, you know?” he shared. “I mean, emotionally, sometimes I’m 18. We were laughing in the car saying I’m 18 today because it’s 81 in reverse.”

As we told you, Ringo’s buddy Paul McCartney did give him a birthday shoutout on social media, but he apparently called Ringo as well. Ringo told reporters, “He just called me. We still say hi to each other. I’m still waiting for the gift.”

Source: Variety

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