Jason Momoa met with “Men’s Health” and shared that he is excited about his upcoming Apple TV+ series "Chief of War". The new show is a historical drama based on the true story of Hawaiian war chieftain Ka'iana who played a huge part in the “unification” of the island. The show is apparently “super special” to Momoa as he was born in Hawaii and his father is of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

“[It's my] holy grail, my baby, and my dream. It’s like my Braveheart or Dances with Wolves. I never thought it would be this big. It’s the hardest, most challenging, most demanding thing I’ve ever done. It’s the last big dream I have left,” Momoa shared.

Momoa goes on to say it's his way of paying tribute to his people and their stories. He will star as Ka'iana, write and produce the series. The show will explore Ka'iana's travels abroad and what he learned about his home island, as well as the unification of Hawaii. No release date has been confirmed yet.

Source: Men’s Health

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