Therapists Say These Things In Your Home May Be Causing Stress

Having trouble relaxing in your own living room? Therapists say the way it looks could be adding to your stress levels. They say things like insufficient lighting, clutter and worn-out furniture could be part of the problem. These are some common things you may want to re-think to make your space more of a chill zone.

  • Light-colored furniture and decor can cause stress - This one isn’t so much about you as it is for visitors. Therapist Weena Cullins explains that a beautiful white sofa can give your living room a “showroom feel” and make guests feel uncomfortable because they don’t want to mess it up or get it dirty.
  • Noise from TV or background conversations could be stressful - Therapist Mark Loewen advises paying attention to how the noise of the TV makes you feel, “especially while watching the news.” If it makes you stressed, he suggests turning off the tube and listening to calming music instead.
  • Clutter in the living room can make it harder to relax - “A dirty space can signal chaos and discomfort to our bodies, which in turn create stress and tension,” Cullins says. Disorganization and clutter can stress some people out, and living rooms with all their electronics, cords, and wires can be “visually disturbing” to some.
  • Outdated or worn-out furniture can bring on feelings of stress - If your living room sofa is old, outdated or dirty, therapist Cecille Ahrens says you might not feel as relaxed around it.
  • Working in your living room can make it harder to relax in the same space - If you’re working from home in your living room, it may be hard to separate work from personal life, so your work space doesn’t feel as relaxing.
  • Unfinished projects can create stress - An incomplete renovation or project anywhere in the house can stress us out and Ahrens says that makes us spend less time in that space.

Source: Insider

Thought Starters:

  • If outdated or worn-out furniture stressed me out, I’d be in trouble because my house is full of it!
  • People with white couches must be a lot more relaxed than I am because I’d be constantly worried it would get ruined!
  • Does clutter and disorganization stress you out? Are you constantly tidying up?

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