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Sting Shares New Song

Sting has shared another track from his upcoming album “The Bridge.” The 17-time GRAMMY winner has released a new single, “Rushing Water.”

Dave Grohl Wants To Play Drums For ABBA

We already know Dave Grohl is a big fan of the Bee Gees, but that’s not where his love of the 70s ends. The Foo Fighters frontman says he wants to play drums for ABBA.

Steve Van Zandt On Fallout With Bruce Springsteen

Steven Van Zandt opens up about his falling out with Bruce Springsteen in his new memoir “Unrequited Infatuations.” Before The Boss’ career blew up with 1984’s “Born In The USA,” Stevie quit the E Street Band because he felt like he wasn’t “being appreciated anymore.”

Lost David Bowie Album To Be Released

David Bowie’s lost 2001 album “Toy” is finally getting an official release. The record, which was shelved amid problems with his record label, is the latest project of the late music legend’s getting a reissue.

Ringo Starr Shares New Music Video

Ringo Starr is inspiring hope with his new music video. The Beatles legend has released a video for “Let’s Change The World,” the lead single off his latest EP “Change The World.”

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