Elton John Doesn’t Want To Play The Hits Anymore

Elton John is getting tired of playing the hits. In a recent interview with “Record Collector,” the Rocketman admits that playing the same “great songs” every night can get pretty tiring.

Thinking about his musical bucketlist, Elton says he’d like to try playing some more intimate shows where he doesn’t feel pressure to dish out all this biggest hits. While he feels “lucky” to have “so many great songs to play every night,” he also admits there comes a time where he thinks, “I really don’t want to play this anymore”... specifically, he mentions “Crocodile Rock.”

“There are things like ‘Original Sin' or '(Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket' that I haven't really played before – not enough anyway,” he adds. “So, after I've finished this tour, I don't want to play some of these songs any more, I’d like to do a show and play some of these songs that are deep cuts.”

Source: Record Collector

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