Heart's Ann Wilson Shares Video For Alice in Chains Cover

The long-awaited video for Heart's Ann Wilson's cover of Alice In Chains's 1992 "Rooster" has finally dropped. Wilson self-described the video of "really dark," and the video does live up to that. It's packed with war imagery, even showing the dead and wounded, bombings, and child soldiers. There's also plenty of macabre imagery, like maggots and cockroaches. 

The video was made more than a year ago. But Wilson's label released a different video with live performance footage rather than this one. Her version of "Rooster" was recorded in 2020. It was released as the B-side on her version of Steve Earle's ‘The Revolution Starts Now!’.

Back in December 2020, Wilson performed the song live when Alice in Chains was awarded with the Museum Of Pop Culture (MoPOP) Founders Award. At the time, Wilson told the Seattle Times, "I wanted to remain true to the song as much as possible, but I wanted to make it my own. But really, honoring the original spirit of the song, which is cockroaches and flies and all this kind of stuff. Before I knew what form the MoPOP thing was gonna take with the live performances, I made a video for 'Rooster' that was really dark. They decided not to use it because they wanted it to be a bunch of live performances. But sometime I'll put that video out because it's really cool. It's just maggots and war stuff and darkness and insanity."

Source: Blabbermouth

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