Prince Once Demanded $10K Worth Of Flowers At His Concert

It’s not uncommon for musicians to include some outrageous demands in riders, and apparently Prince is no exception.  Concert promoter Danny Zelisko reveals in his new book “All Exce$$ - Occupation Concert Promoter,” that Prince once demanded $10,000 worth of flowers for just one of his concerts. 

“One rider that I thought was really out there was Prince’s. His rider asked for this special kind of roses or carnations – from Holland,” he shares. “He wanted an entire dressing room filled with these flowers, and it was going to cost $10,000.” 

And as any good promoter would do, he fulfilled Prince’s request. “I thought it was a little bit outrageous but that was what he wanted,” he says. “I wonder how many shows he did with those flowers in the dressing room.”

He adds, “Prince must have been keeping a lot of flower companies in business.”

Source: The Mirror

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