Brian May Knighted By King Charles

A member of Queen is now a Sir! Brian May, guitarist of the legendary rock band, was recently knighted by Britain’s King Charles III. “No words,” wrote May on Instagram after receiving his knighthood in a Tuesday ceremony.

The rocker was over the moon not only to receive one of the UK’s highest honors, but also that his wife got a share of the glory as well. “Yes, Lady Anita will be enjoying it, and it's a thrill to me to be able to kind of confer that on her," May said of his wife of 22 years. "It makes me feel proud that she gets an honor beside me because God knows I wouldn't be here without her."

The “We Are The Champions” hitmaker also took the time to be self-deprecating. "Maybe a few more people will listen to me than would otherwise, you know, if it's Sir Brian on the phone,” joked the newly-minted rocking knight.

Source: People


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