Real Earth Wind & Fire Sues "Fake" EWF Legacy Reunion Group Over Trademark Infringement

Earth, Wind & Fire wants fans to know there is nothing like the real thing. And they want imitators to know that, too. The iconic band is suing a cover band for billing itself as the real EWF, and the true EWF is taking them to court.

The true EWF is currently touring with original, Hall Of Fame members Verdine White and Philip Bailey. But there is another EWF out there: a band called Earth, Wind & Fire Legacy Reunion, which alleges to showcase “former members” without stating their names.

The lawsuit claims the legacy band- which does have the right to perform- has infringed on the OG band’s trademarks. EWF maintains the legacy band illegally used the band’s logo, “Egyptian iconography,” and photos of classic members to sell tickets. Over the years, the legacy band’s practices have allegedly resulted in irate fans and a dent in EWF’s reputation.

Source: Rolling Stone


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